Where Can I Find Collective Bargaining Agreements

Section 4. Basic principles for the conclusion of collective agreements and agreements. The basic principles for entering into collective agreements are as follows: It is important to note that after the conclusion of a CBA, the employer and the union are required to comply with this agreement. Therefore, an employer should hire a lawyer before participating in the collective bargaining process. Representatives of trade unions and workers` collectives participating in collective bargaining may not be subject to disciplinary measures, assigned to another job, transferred or dismissed by the administration concerned without the consent of the body for which they were elected, for the duration of such negotiations. Legal provisions against the general manager who is responsible for the violation or non-performance of the obligations arising from the collective agreement. The following mutual obligations of the employer and the workers may be included in the collective agreement: the cases referred to in the first paragraph of this section shall be examined at the request of one of the parties to a collective agreement or collective agreement of a competent committee or on the initiative of the prosecutor. If you have any questions regarding the filing of CAAs and arbitration awards, please contact OPM`s Accountability and Workforce Relations staff at LRG@opm.gov. If you have any questions about specific CBA that are in this database, please contact the organization associated with this CBA. If the new conditions are not acceptable to individuals, they can oppose their employer; but if the majority of employees have given their consent, the company will be able to dismiss the complainants, usually with impunity […].