Ue4 License Agreement

may benefit from additional or derogatory licensing conditions b. All net revenues of more than $5 million ($5,000,000) from the sale of licenses for your application and the associated UGC. “Font Software” refers to the set of files published by the copyright holder under this license and clearly identified as such. This may include source files, construction scripts and documentation. The software is a “commercial item” (as defined in point 48 C.F.R. 2.101), consisting of “Commercial Computer Software” and “Commercial Computer Software Documentation” (as defined in point 48 C.F.R. 12.212 or 48 C.F.R. 227.7202, if applicable). The software will only be allowed to end-users of the U.S. government as commercial objects and only with the rights granted to other licensees under this Agreement. one.

Distribution to end-users – You can only distribute the licensed technology contained in the object code format as an inseparable part of a product to end-users subject to an end-user licensing agreement that expressly denies any guarantee, guarantee, conditions and commitments related to the technology granted. The product must not contain paid content distributed in an uncooked source format or in engine tools. The support community dedicated to Unreal Studio has completed the beta program. Support for these features is now integrated into existing channels for Unreal Engine. Community support is available through AnswerHub and our forums, and personalized support for licensees is available on Unreal Developer Network. Permission is granted free of charge to a person or organization that provides a copy of the software and documentation covered there (the “software”), the use, reproduction, display, distribution, execution and transmission of the software, as well as the preparation of the software-derived works and the approval of third parties to which the software is made available. : If you give epic feedback, you can give all rights to Epic, titles and interests (including all copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights) to this feedback on all current and future methods and forms of exploitation in each country. If these rights are not effectively transferred under existing legislation, you grant Epic a non-exclusive, fully paid, irreversible, transferable, under-licensed license for reproduction, distribution, public representation, public presentation, use, use, use, use, sale, import, modification and production of derivative works, based on all current and future methods and forms of exploitation in each country. If such rights are not transferred or granted under the law in force (for example. B after J.C. and other personality rights), you renounce all rights.