Skills Tas Agreement

The Tasmania skills notification process is simple: when the RTO has added the required information to the OPT, the RTO sends a copy of the TPO to Skills Tasmania to the completed TPO by email to the ANP at the same time. TPOs that are received with incomplete information cannot be processed and Skills Tasmania will return these TPOs to RTO for completion and re-filing. Clause 8 of the agreement describes the requirements of the insurance. The insurance document can be sent by e-mail with the contract of A signed, initialled, scanned agreement can be sent by e-mail to or by post to Skills Tasmania under GPO Box 536, HOBART TAS 7001. You should then register the OPT as usual by sending it to along with the email to the ANP. To apply for the Apprentice and Training Training Fund 2021 (User Choice), go to If a qualification has been replaced or replaced in your Apprentice and Training Training Fund agreement, you must apply to amend your 2020 fund agreement to include the new version of the qualification. You can find the note here. It is important to submit a request to change your agreement with the Apprentice and Training Training Fund (User Choice) as soon as the qualifications are updated and indicated on the list of apprenticeships and traineeships approved by Skills Tasmania or on Registration is required if you are training more than 10 apprentices under training contracts.

A training contract is an agreement to provide training leading to a qualification.