Landlord Pet Agreement Addendum Uk

I have a beautiful little quiet dog, clean and old, and I have recovered all the feces since he was 8 weeks old. He is now 13 years old and he is like my child. I have never been maternal for noisy, dirty and destructive children, which is why I take care of animals. The way owners group us into responsible and irresponsible dog owners is revolting. Why should we pay more than a deposit that remains for the damage? My dog digs, scratches or doesn`t demolish wallpaper or cause no damage at all?! Of course, I am a very clean and hygienic person and I have the carpets cleaned myself professionally, but I make sure that I find people who use natural detergents and those who have not been tested on animals. Stop judging us owners, you are cordially invited to visit and meet the dog a few times to see how it behaves, so why is it always a “no”. For years, I haven`t found anywhere to accept myself and my dog and live with my parents – I`m almost 40 years old! There are always people without dogs or cats in line, so I can never take a look at it. Animals are not flea bags or are dirty. And Cheryl.

My dog can`t get going, so stop thinking that all dogs do. And stop imposing your cold attitude towards everyone else with a heart that their pet loves. In a world where animals are treated like, people like you are the problem that keeps it going. .