International Wire Transfer Agreement

10.1 If a transfer received by the bank (or a request to cancel or modify a transfer) has been sent in accordance with the security procedures applicable to the service and therefore claims to have been transferred or authorized by the customer, it is considered effective as a transfer (or request) of the customer, even if the transfer (or request) has not been authorized by the customer. If the bank has accepted the transfer (a) in accordance with the security procedures regarding such a transfer, (b) in accordance with a written agreement or instruction from the customer limiting the acceptance of transfers on behalf of the customer and (c) in good faith, the customer is obliged to pay the bank the amount of such transfer. 16.2BANK MAY IMPLEMENT ADDITIONAL STEPS AND PROCEDURES IT DEEMS APPROPRIATE TO VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY OF A TRANSFER. THE BANK MAY DELAY THE EXECUTION OF A TRANSFER UNTIL A REMINDER IS COMPLETED OR THERE IS ANOTHER FORM OF VERIFICATION SATISFACTORY TO THE BANK. IF THE BANK IS UNABLE TO OBTAIN SATISFACTORY CONTROL, THE BANK MAY REFUSE TO MAKE A TRANSFER AT ITS SOLE DISCRETION. Under no circumstances is the Bank held responsible for delays in the execution of a transfer or the failure to make a transfer due to the lack of satisfactory verification. 5.2 The customer acknowledges that foreign currency transfers must be based on a currency that trades the bank and that all exchange rates are subject to the rate agreed at the time of execution of the transfer order or another rate agreed by the parties. If the financial institution intended to receive the funds does not pay the beneficiary mentioned in a transfer order payable in foreign currency and the funds are returned to the bank, the bank is not held responsible for an amount greater than the value of the funds after being converted by the foreign currency into US dollars at the bank`s purchase rate at the time of cancellation of the transfer. The order is confirmed by the Bank, less any costs and expenses incurred by the Bank. If the customer decides to initiate an international transfer in U.S. currency, the customer acknowledges that the receiving bank may choose to pay the recipient in foreign currency at an exchange rate set by the receiving bank….