Collective Bargaining Agreement With O.p.e.i.u. Local 6

M) Leave The bi-weekly imputation rate for paid leave is credited in accordance with the Tribunal`s Policy and Personnel Management Procedures and Procedures Manual or the current collective agreement. A worker`s holiday provision rate is determined by years of service at the Trial Court and, where applicable, by other qualified public services. Part-time and permanent older workers are credited on a pro rata basis for leave. After termination, staff are entitled to vacation pay in lieu of leave for accumulated and unused leave hours they have accumulated up to the maximum amount earned over a two-year period. Workers may be granted paid leave of up to four days in the event of the death of a national partner, parent, parent of the spouse, brother or sister, part of sontern, grandparent or grandchial, guardian of the worker or of a parent, grandparent, brother or sister of the spouse or domestic partner of the employee. Employees are granted paid leave for one day for the death of a spouse of the worker`s sister or for the death of a spouse of the worker`s brother or sister. Further information can be found in your employment contract or in the Tribunal`s Staff Policy and Policy Procedures and Procedures Manual. A guide to the benefits available to Trial Court staff. The Trial Court reserves the right to modify or modify, within its jurisdiction, certain plans, policies and procedures described above at a time deemed appropriate and in accordance with current legislation. With the Dependent Care Assistant Plan, you can make available up to $US 5,000 of your annual income tax-free each calendar year to pay for childcare or other childcare expenses.. .