Agreement Between On The One Hand

Secondly, on the one hand. On the other hand, it is used to divide a list of three or more items between two categories that use and as the only conjunction. In Example 1 below, it is not known which category B belongs to – debtor or creditor? This is clear from Examples 2 and 3. Instead, you could use enumeration to correct confusion, as in Example 4, but on one side. on the other hand, the option seems clearer. Maybe it`s because when you see on one side, you know there`s only one more group. This is not the case with enumeration. The taxable person for corporation and partnership tax, on the one hand, and the applicable limited partnership shareholder, on the other hand [see applicable corporation tax, partnerships and limited partnership shareholder] acknowledge that, following an exchange, the basis of the taxable person for corporation tax in the applicable initial assets is linked to the possible excess of . This asset sale agreement dates from August 6, 2007 and consists of ABLE CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation (the “Buyer”), on the one hand, and, on the one hand, BAKER MERCHANDISING LLC, a limited liability company in Ohio (the “Seller”), CHARLIE ENTERTAINMENT, INC, a Florida company (“Charlie”), and DAVID DELTA as trustee of the David Delta Trust (the “Trustee” and with Charlie, “members”. The relative fault of the compensating party, on the one hand, and the indemnified party, on the other, is based on . Steve Pappas, a classmate of Penn Law — suggested to me that building on one side. On the other hand, we often abuse.

I had never thought of studying this use. I`ve done it now, and I agree with Steve. For example, on one side. on the other hand, a list is sometimes used that contains only two elements, as in the following examples. In the absence of a likelihood of confusion, it should be waived. The Sellers, on the one hand, and the Buyer, on the other hand, are responsible for the payment of half of the transfer rights arising out of or related to the transactions provided for in this Agreement. Using enumeration, as in Examples 2 and 3, is a simple way to eliminate this ambiguity. As in Example 4, you can also specify either that and an area above or a, but only if only one element is preceded by. A more versatile way to display this and has the circumference above or is to be used on one side. On the other hand, as in Example 5, there is no limit to the number of items you can add in each of the two parts of the list. The parent company, on the one hand, and the shareholders` representative, on the other, cooperate to prepare the 2008 income statement.

Construction on one side. on the other side serves to branch out a list of three or more items. And in two different ways. In the same way, you will sometimes see on one side. on the other hand used to group three or more parts of a transaction, as draftsmen once used the part of the first part. Part of the second part. Look at the following example. But this practice is not necessary. The simplest thing is not to indicate in the introductory sentence who wears which hat – that is what the recitals are made of. . .